About me

I’ve been practicing since 2013. Working with both individuals and couples, adults and children above 10 years old. Russian and English speaking clients are welcome.

Often people come to my cabinet with acute grief, loss or death of a loved one, searching for the meaning of life and support, trying to maintain shaky self-esteem, mood swings, dealing with strong feelings, stress, burnout, relationship problems, divorce, crises (existential, professional, business), job challenges and childhood traumas (including sexual abuse).

I work with extreme athletes and climbers, partners and deuces of mountaneers after accidents, participants in natural disasters.

In tandem with a psychiatrist I work with clients with clinical diagnoses (depression, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, phobias, anxiety). I have a relevant education, confirmed by diplomas and certificates (including international ones). I receive supervision and undergo personal therapy regularly and participate in professional conferences and intensives every year.

I improve my qualifications constantly and develop in my profession and life. Since March 2020, I’ve been taking part in the project “Coffee with a Psychologist” where carry our free 50 minutes individual conversations once a week with those who need.


  • Gestalt Therapy Full Training Course (2+ MIGIP, trainer Nadezhda Lubyanitskaya; certificate of the European Association of Gestalt Therapy; state diploma on professional retraining of MIGIP);
  • Clinical Psychology (state diploma on professional retraining, Institute of Organisational Psychology);
  • Therapy of trauma, including sexual abuse (international certificates of MIGIP, trainers Olga Kardashina, Yasenka Pregrad);
  • Therapeutic work with the family system (state certificate of advanced training of MIGIP, trainer Maria Lekareva);
  • Organisational Consulting (state certificate of advanced training of MIGIP, trainer Mikhail Kryahtunov);
  • Therapeutic work with the group (state certificate of advanced training of MIGIP, trainer Maria Lekareva)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – completion of training in 2022 (certificate and documents of the state sample, Center for Cognitive Technologies, trainer Yakov Kochetkov)